Acrobatic drone

S6 Striders drone

S6 Striders drone with inverted flight

S6 Striders – cheap drone with basic aerobatic capabilities When I saw for the first time this S6 Striders drone I had the impression that it is a re-branded Eachine 3D X4, which was probably the…

MJX X904 drone

MJX X904 cheap drone with inverted flight

MJX X904 with inverted flight and 3D flips The biggest attraction of the MJX X904 cheap drone is the inverted (up-side-down) fight mode. Probably it looks cool flying this way but trust me you will quickly get…


TURBINE TB250 drone with Devo 7

TURBINE TB250 first person view racing drone Racing drones like this TURBINE TB250 are mainly recommended only for skilled pilots but, surely, beginners should learn on something too. The lifting power of the eTurbine drone…

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HiSKY HMX280 test flight

HiSKY HMX 280 video review Thanks to “Drones Visual” who made this good video review, detailing very well all the important facts about this racer drone.

XK X350 drone

XK STUNT X350 Air dancer

XK X350 Air dancer – acrobatic drone Without GPS positioning and costing $238 you can consider a bit expensive this new XK STUNT X350 drone. It caught my attention with its ultra long flight distance. Unfortunately, the 1KM control range can be probably achieved…

Eachine H8 cheap drone

Eachine H8 cheap drone

Eachine H8 dirty cheap headless drone Few years ago I would not have thought that it is possible to build and sell a drone under $15, but now the Eachine H8 is changing the rules…