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DJI Mavic Pro in-depth review

DJI Mavic PRO review and test flight

DJI Mavic PRO in-depth review Thanks to this review video you can find if the DJI Mavic PRO is better than the GoPro Karma. Video credit to iPhonedo. Find more about the DJI Mavic here.

KaiDeng K80 Pantonma drone

Kai Deng K80 Pantonma drone with anti-collision

KaiDeng K80 Pantonma with altitude hold and HD camera After the popular K70, KaiDeng announced another interesting model, the K80 Pantonma. This new model will be available in two variants respectively in two colors (gold and blue). …

Xiaomi Mi Drone

Xiaomi Mi Drone with 4K camera

Xiaomi Mi – Affordable drone with HD video downlink Since yesterday, on every media channel (drone news sites, blogs, online publications and FaceBook), everyone talks about Xiomi’s miraculous Mi Drone. Drone enthusiasts are hopping that this new…

MJX X601H drone

MJX X601H the “perfect” hexacopter

MJX X601H with 720P FPV camera and altitude hold I have already introduced, here on Rc Drone News, many MJX R/C models but certainly this X601H hexacopter is the most interesting one. It has so…


SKRC Q16 cheap drone with WiFi PFV

SKRC Q16 affordable Syma clone with WiFi real-time image transmission It has just been announced another interesting Syma clone by some unknown drone manufacturer. This SKRC Q16 is not just cheaper but  also features WiFi real-time image transmission and smartphone APP…

Yi Zhan i7S and i7H

Yi Zhan i7H and i7S iDrone

Yi Zhan i7H and i7S – Reborn Flying Spider with 2 extra motors YiZhan just announced a complete new product line called “i Drone”. The family has a two quad-drones (the i4s and i4w) and…

Hubsan X4 H501S

Hubsan X4 H501S FPV GPS drone

Hubsan X4 H501S all-in-one drone The Hubsan is a well known name in the world of multi-rotors, they manufactured over the time many interesting models. This Hubsan X4 H501S drone looks like a very promising all-in-one…

Syma X8G

Syma X8G drone with 5MP camera

Syma X8G with GoPro alike camera The X8G was just announced on the Syma’s website with minor descriptions regarding the specs and features and without any details about the price. Looking on the previous X8 model’s feature/price ration, in my opinion, this new X8G drone will be sold around…

Simtoo Drone

SimToo Drone the Flying camera

SimToo Drone with foldable design Today, another drone with interesting concept was announced on Banggood’s website. The SimToo Drone has approximately the same features as the Lily flying camera but with a completely different design. The main…