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Longing LY-250 drone

Longing LY-250 racing drone

Longing LY-250 drone with complete 5.8G FPV system I just saw an impressive test video where this Longing LY-250 racer drone is surviving  many crashes. Those who ever piloted a racing drone know that besides speed and maneuverability, probably the most important feature…

REDCON Phoenix 210 drone kit

REDCON Phoenix 210 DIY drone kit

REDCON Phoenix 210 affordable DIY drone kit with CC3D flight controller The Redcon Phoenix 210 is an ARF racing drone kit. Practically the package includes everything you need to build your own drone excepting the battery and the…

Cheerson CX-91 drone

Cheerson CX-91 Jumper racing drone

Cheerson CX-91 with complete first person view system After several popular mini drones, Cheerson Hobby announced their first racing drone, the CX-91 Jumper. The brushless motors on the Cheerson CX-91 drone are controlled by a 4 in…

Lishitoys L6055 drone

Lishitoys L6055 convertible drone

Lishitoys L6055 – fly or drive – 2 in 1 concept Unlike the Syma X9 (aka SY X25) which is practically a flying car, this Lishitoys L6055 adopts a convertible design. It can fly like any other…

Eachine falcon 250 drone

Eachine Falcon 250 racing drone

Eachine Falcon 250 drone with speed up to 150km/h Unbelievable but this Eachine Falcon 250 is advertised with flight speed up to 150km/h. If this is true, it makes it one of the fastest affordable…

Furious 320 racing drone

Furious 320 racing drone

Walkera Furious 320 with 1080p FPV camera Near Christmas seems that the manufactures slowed down to show up their new drone models. I came across this Walkera Furious 320 accidentally on one of the online stores. I checked…

Hisky TALON HMX280R drone

Hisky TALON HMX280R racing drone

Hisky TALON HMX280R racer with FPV After the popular HMX280 which was probably the first affordable racing drone, Hisky announced the upgraded TALON HMX280R drone. Sadly, unlike its predecessor, the upgraded racer is not so affordable, it will…


TURBINE TB250 drone with Devo 7

TURBINE TB250 first person view racing drone Racing drones like this TURBINE TB250 are mainly recommended only for skilled pilots but, surely, beginners should learn on something too. The lifting power of the eTurbine drone…

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HiSKY HMX280 test flight

HiSKY HMX 280 video review Thanks to “Drones Visual” who made this good video review, detailing very well all the important facts about this racer drone.

HiSKY HMX280 Drone

HiSKY HMX280 drone

HiSKY HMX280 racing drone for rainy days. Based on the rumored specs and images, I don’t figured out if this HiSKY HMX280 drone is fully waterproof. But certainly with a 100km/h flying speed is a…